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Mental and Emotional Wellness

Mental Health

Serve San Diego envisions a mental health literate San Diego.  All San Diegan’s deserve to understand how the brain can experience trauma, effects on our daily living, and opportunities to thrive with mental health challenges.  All San Diegan’s need to understand Adverse Childhood Experiences and non-violent communication.  Together, understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences and non-violent communication will increase health, happiness, and the opportunity to thrive as San Diegans.

Trauma Driven Mental Disorder

The result, if a trauma is too great upon the brain a person can develop a serious emotional disturbance (SED).  A diagnosable mental disorder found in persons from birth to 18 years of age that is so severe and long lasting that it seriously interferes with functioning in family, school, community, or other major life activities.

Serve San Diego is a bridge builder to increase access to mental, behavioral, and physical health for San Diegan’s.  Serve San Diego desires to bridge residents to mental health services with emphasis in resiliency and hope. As well, Serve San Diego provides assistance in educating, bridging, building, restoring, improving, and preserving a person’s functional, social, and communication daily living skills.  With the hope to enhance self-sufficiency, self-regulation, and the opportunity to thrive.

San Diegan’s will learn to develop natural supports through the use of goal setting and hope.  Together, we can evaluate our personal state of mind, and personal feelings towards our current environment.  As a community, recognizes that any activity or goal may pose a different level and type of challenge for each individual. More so, authentic personal change and accomplishment comes from within.  San Diegan’s will become trauma literate, solutions focus literate, and recognize the goals approach on providing affirmation and encouragement.

Together, Serve San Diego can become a forum where San Diegan’s recognize the joy and beauty in one another.  Therefore, expressing our true soul’s nature which is love, empathy, and forgiveness.  Goal attainment allows us to reframe negative thinking on behalf of ourselves when we are discouraged and when our loved ones are discouraged.

Hope is defined by caregivers as the inner strength to achieve future good and to continue care giving (Duggleby & Williams 2010).  The belief that a person can change their hope (self-efficacy) and cognitive reframing are components of Social Cognitive Theory (SCT)(Ibid).  Interventions focusing on increasing self-efficacy, the belief in their ability to organize and execute actions, have an influence on a person’s psychological and physiological functioning (health status) where hope can impact quality of life, which effects our influence on others (Ibid).

As a community, we can learn the solution-focus approach.  Many San Diegan’s have this behavior.  Solutions focus invites people to be their own authority on what they want to change, and how to make those changes happen. It contrasts sharply with approaches that attempt to promote change through assessment of and intervention with pathologies, deficits, and problems

Serve San Diego invites resident to collaborate in a goal movement.  Here, we will create an environment to address needs, feel a sense of accomplishment, and complete goals together.  Whereby, accomplishment through cooperation, we build a healthier self and a healthier community.



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