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Serve San Diego core values focus on Social Entrepreneurship (SE), and aim to balance organizational, economic, and social goals as a possible solution in facing revenue shortfalls, which are endangering important social programs in San Diego and the United States.

Serve San Diego values place emphasis in creating, building, and bridging relationships which provide evidence based interventions (science).  Additionally, Serve San Diego hopes to offer evidence on effectiveness of programs as we promote emotional and economic self-sufficiency.


Serve San Diego will engage in searching for alternative revenue sources.  As well as, cost cutting strategies, and innovative approaches to avoid organizational retrenchment for community services.  Serve San Diego will engage in sustainable, long-term solutions to community endemic challenges, such as housing, energy independence, and climate change in San Diego. Further, Serve San Diego will place value in local initiative and participation. Importantly, Serve San Diego will seek social justice outcomes, and social entrepreneurial activity in San Diego.


Serve San Diego will pioneer innovative and systemic approaches for meeting the needs of the marginalized—the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised—populations that lack the financial means or political clout to achieve lasting benefits on their own.  Additionally, Serve San Diego will seek sustainable, large-scale change, with pattern-breaking ideas to address housing barriers, and affordable nutritious food.


Therefore, Serve San Diego will address the root causes of community housing distress, social and economic housing injustice, oppression, and marginalization.


Serve San Diego will actively engage in building coalitions and bridging resources. Further, Serve San Diego will honor local culture, and work collaboratively with indigenous members.  Together, we will build grassroots interest participation, mold a collective social vision, and identify market opportunities.  Importantly, market opportunities are congruent with cultural norms and traditions, and identify ways to capitalize on community social capital. Serve San Diego will identify sustainable context-sensitive solutions to significant community problems as partners in the collaborative effort.

Serving the needs of San Diego’s diverse community is a primary mission of Serve San Diego. As part of our rich history of community engagement and social fairness, there are numerous organizations our members, volunteers, and sponsors contribute to on a regular basis. Service programs  throughout San Diego County help communities in the local region live better lives and thrive.



Serve San Diego’s Causes