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NFL and Family

The NFL: No Family Leadership


By: Chris Davis

When sports going enthusiasts think of the National Football Association (NFL) they imagine tailgates with friends and family, potlucks, chilli cook-off’s, bbq, and good ole fun hootin and hollerin with new and longtime familiar faces.

However, the faces of football are not centered on children and youth with the playing 60 a day challenge, which is meant to educate teachers and children to integrate health and fitness into their lives.  You may, ask ok, he’s talking about football, family, kids, fun, and how we need to teach our kids the value of food and exercise.  Yeah, I get that, of course we should do that for our children. How about this, is it not as equally important to teach our children about how important it is to eat healthy and be strong as it is to not hit one another in anger or the inability to communicate our feelings or ideas?  Guess not with the league of No Family Leadership.

USA Today wrote in NFL bans players with domestic violence, sexual assault convictions from scouting combine, how potential prospects cannot attend a scouting event.  The one time annual scouting event is Indianapolis with approximately three hundred persons attending.  Oh wow, I guess I should be so impressed by the NFL’s new standards.  Well sorry, my critical thinking skills are good enough to get me to the playoffs and just maybe the Super bowl.

As the article stated NFL’s executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent “told teams that players who are barred from the combine will have no restrictions from attending other private workouts, pro days and regional combines.”  Ok, hold on.  Let’s think this shiny new rule through.  If you like to beat your children and you are currently in the NFL it’s ok because your grandfathered into the system.  If you like to beat your children and want to be in the NFL just don’t attend the annual scouting event.  If you like to beat your children and have never been convicted just don’t get caught because here at the NFL we focus on the body so there’s no need to focus on the heart.

Ok. Maybe I’m being a little hard.  Sure, the NFL is talking about a serious issue of character and moral fortitude.  I agree, thanks for having a dialogue.  But guess what, talking about the Super Bowl and practicing the right way is much different than executing a plan to practice.  Thanks NFL for having no plan to execute your value or morals long term.  Seems like the NFL has kicked a field goal for justice, but it’s only the beginning of the first quarter.

A touchdown to enter the playoff’s will be a comprehensive plan for mental health wrap around services provided free of charge to all NFL families payed for by the NFL.  Another touchdown will be a health model, which integrates evaluating Adverse Childhood Experiences in order to prevent and intervene in vulnerable families.  I guess it looks like the NFL thinks they have easy competition and a field goal will do just fine. Sorry, I expect more from my team so why should we expect so little from the NFL?


Lifelong Fan Chris

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